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DataWeave Transformation With Mule ESB [Video]

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DataWeave Transformation With Mule ESB [Video]

The DataWeave Language allows you to transform data to and from any kind of format. Learn how to use it with Mule ESB in these videos.

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1.0 Overview 

The DataWeave Language is a powerful template engine that allows you to transform data to and from any kind of format (XML, CSV, JSON, Pojos, Maps, etc).

2.0 Introducing To DataWeave Transformation With Mule ESB-Part I

3.0 DataWeave Transformation (When Otherwise and Custom Function) With Mule ESB-Part II

4.0 DataWeave Transformation (GroupBy and DistinctBy) With Mule ESB-Part III


5.0 DataWeave Transformation (Map Operator and Functions) With Mule ESB-Part IV

6.0  DataWeave Transformation With Mule ESB-Part V

7.0 DataWeave Transformation (CSV to JSON) With Mule ESB-Part VI

8.0 DataWeave Transformation (Excel To Json) With Mule ESB-Part VII

9.0 DataWeave Transformation (Invoke Java Method) With Mule ESB-Part VIII

Now, you know how to use DataWeave transformation with Mule ESB.

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