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Uptodate Gradle Plugin Deployed

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Uptodate Gradle Plugin Deployed

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Sorry for not having written for quite some time now but I was really busy with my second book that should be published in the upcoming weeks. Anyway I'm really proud to anounce that during one of our R&D days at the company that I'm working for - 4Finance we've managed to create a plugin for gradle that checks in maven central if there are any new versions of your dependencies. Check it out here in the 4Finance organization repository on Github - https://github.com/4finance/uptodate-gradle-plugin.


Beacuse we could! We were annoyed by the fact that we didn't have any automated way of checking if there are any newer versions of our dependencies. R&D came and we could spend some time on learning how to create a gradle plugin and that's how we ended up with that tool.

How does it work?

We check your project's dependencies.
We're calling Maven Central's Solr search
We parse the queries and show you if there are any newer versions

I want to use it!

Ok! Just follow these steps (extract from Github):

Step 1: Add dependency to jcenter and to the plugin

buildscript {
    repositories {  
    dependencies {

Step 2: Add the plugin to your build (gradle.build)

apply plugin: 'uptodate'
And now you can run the plugin with
gradle uptodate

Gimme an example!

Taken from Github:

You run the plugin:
gradle uptodate
And you get for example this:
New versions available in maven central:

Future plans?

There is still quite a few things that we could improve and customize and for sure we'll try to deploy new versions as often as possible.


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