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David Linthicum on Accelerating Business Agility with PaaS

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David Linthicum on Accelerating Business Agility with PaaS

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Business agility means the ability to change IT around emerging business opportunities. However, IT has been less than nimble in recent years; application backloads are at an all time high, and confidence in IT is at an all time low.

DevOps principles and practices combined with PaaS characteristics will quicken IT solution development and delivery. DevOps focuses on improving continuous activity execution, such as continuous build, continuous integration, continuous test, and continuous delivery. These activities combine to create a ‘no wait’ environment that accelerates business agility.

By incorporating automation into developer and operations processes, teams bypass time consuming manual tasks and gain faster phase execution. Both DevOps and PaaS promote simple, on-demand self-service environments that shield team members from complexity and reduce skill hurdles. By offering on-demand self-service access, rapid business innovation and experimentation is possible. By reducing complexity, team members are not required to obtain special training and skills before consuming IT services and infrastructure.

In this Webinar, David Linthicum and I show you a path towards agile IT through the use of new approaches and emerging technology. Moreover, you will learn new concepts around DevOps improvement, the use of emerging PaaS technology, and agility best practices that will guide you to success the very first time.


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