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DBSight 4.0.3 Instant Database Search Platform

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DBSight 4.0.3 Instant Database Search Platform

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DBSight is an easy-to-use tool for you to search on any databases.DBSight makes creating search so easy that you can create more searches and access more previously-hidden resources.

It has a built-in database crawler. So you just give it your database connection information, and the SQLs to select data.DBSight handles the rest, including indexing, searching, ranking, several kinds of facet search, easy to change synonyms and stop word, reserved word list, field-level and document-level ranking, multi-threaded searching, time-based ranking, transacdtional index data integrity,sorting, highlighting, search-as-you-type, spell checking, access control, etc.

It can scaffold your search result rendering in seconds.DBSight also does the "dirty" job to synchronize the database, incremental indexing and recreating index,pre-warmup the index when updating, etc.The included scheduler let you set it up and forget it.

Search is not just one-time task. DBSight enables you to improve search progressively. You can fine tune the search at your pace, even re-create the whole index.Search result ranking, according to price or freshness, are just clicks away.

DBSight's performance is extremely high. Typical usage sees 500 qps for one instance. And when you need more, DBSight is also scalable with sharded search, and in-memory index option runs even faster.

DBSight 4.0.3 separates the searching out as a operating system process.This gives much better single node performance, avoids memory fragmentation and the dreaded global GC.It's tough to see JVM struggles with the stop-the-world global garbage collection.This release separates out the searching as a different operating system process. This eliminates Java stop-the-world Global Garbage Collection, improves performance by avoiding memory fragmentation, and ensures greater scalability for a single node. 

Other recent interesting features includes

  • automatically re-ranking facet searches according to usage
  • role-based access control for role-specific contents
  • iphone scaffolding

Please download the free version here:    


DBSight makes database searching a detachable separate concern, greatly improves the flexibility and scalability. 

DBSight Free version has no limit on index size. And you can use it indefinitely.Standard version allows more controls and enterprise featuers. Your boss should pay for it.

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