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Dealing with Code Complexity

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Dealing with Code Complexity

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Last week I discussed how we could join new projects efficiently, and I got some great tips & tricks from a lot of you (in different channels). This week, we're going to follow in those footsteps and see how we can actually find complex code in our applications. While finding complex code is important for all different programming environments, we’re going to look at this by using C#, Visual Studio 2012 and NDepend.

I recently recorded the first episode of a webinar series with Patrick Smacchia, the founder of NDepend. Who better to talk about Code Quality and Code Complexity than him? So this week, I’m happy to announce that you can watch the first video in this webinar series!

It’s a 30 minute webinar where Patrick and I talk about Code Quality, Code Complexity (CyclomaticComplexity) and other things around this subject.

After watching, please tell me and Patrick what you thought about the video, and share your tips for finding complexity in your code or projects!



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