Dean Wampler AMA: Data in Motion, Data at Rest

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Dean Wampler AMA: Data in Motion, Data at Rest

Learn about the latest trends around Apache Spark and Fast Data with this first entry in Typesafe's new technical podcast series.

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Markus Eisele pointed me to a new developer podcast at JavaOne this week hosted by Typesafe's Tonya Rae Moore.  If you are especially interested in Big Data, Fast Data, reactive systems, Scala, and Java, you'll like this podcast.

She posted the first episode last week and is recording the second episode at JavaOne. The first podcast, which I've embedded below, is an AMA (ask me anything) with Dean Wampler, who DZone has had the pleasure of working with during last year's Guide to Big Data.

Here is Dean Wampler's publication stat sheet:

Author of "Programming Scala, Second Edition" (2014)
Author of "Functional Programming for Java Developers" (2011)
Co-author of "Programming Hive" (2012)
Author in DZone's 2014 Guide to Big Data

He always has great insight and perspective on various spheres in the developer space.  The podcast is only 13 minutes long, so it's not a huge time comittment to check it out and there's no ranting or rambling.  Go to the podcast page on the Typesafe blog to get a transcript if you prefer to read the conversation.

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