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Debating the Future of SDN

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Debating the Future of SDN

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Listen to technical leaders from three major companies debate the future of SDN.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) - is it really the future of networking?

Introduced and Chaired by Manek Dubash, Editorial Director, NetEvents.
USA-based Gartner analysts Joe Skorupa and Mark Fabbi were the first to comment on the foundation and aims of the ONF in their independent report Open Networking Foundation Formed -- The Battle to Commoditize Network Hardware Begins -- so they should know what they are talking about.

The good news is that the report gives the ONF's aspirations the thumbs up, recognizing that, "If OpenFlow gains traction, the core data centre network market could see significant disruption, with dramatically falling equipment prices."

But note the word "battle" in the report's title: Since when have revolutionaries ever stopped fighting amongst themselves? The ONF was launched by massive data center operators, with much to gain from open systems and hardware cost reductions, but what attracted the big NEMs to a revolution that promises to butcher their prize cash cow? Could this be a re-run of the ATM Forum scenario, where vendors delayed rather than accelerated the passing of profit-threatening standards?

Manek Dubash gives credit where credit is due, but presents our panel with these and other challenging issues around market politics and the need for realism in a movement that had its roots in the ivory towers of academia. They may also suggest alternative solutions.


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