Debug the Last Launched Application With Eclipse, and Other Debug Tricks

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Debug the Last Launched Application With Eclipse, and Other Debug Tricks

Learn how to speed up your debugging process by using tricks like ''debug last launched'' with Eclipse, and other tips found here.

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My usual workflow is: edit, build, debug, and repeat. And this for the same project again and again. So, here are a few tips on how to make these iterations faster with Eclipse. One thing is to use the F11 shortcut to debug the last launched/debugged application:

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Especially when working with multiple projects, I don't have to select the project I want to debug: it always will launch and debug the last one I was using. This setting is available with Eclipse Oxygen (e.g. MCUXpresso IDE 10.2).

That F11 shortcut might be different for you (check your menu entry). You can change/check the available shortcuts in the Eclipse workspace preferences, under General > Keys:

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Note that I still have to terminate a running debug session. There is a "Terminate and Relaunch" setting in Eclipse CDT, but this one does not work reliably (at least not in CDT of Eclipse Oxygen, I have not checked this in Eclipse Photon yet).

But the MCUXpresso IDE (I'm using 10.2) has a nice extension to do the "terminate-and-debug-again" with a button in the Quickstart panel:

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Note that this is using the currently selected project (marked in yellow above) and includes a build phase. I can skip the build part with the "Build (if required) before launching" setting workspace setting:

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Of course, with that setting, I'm responsible for building before I debug if I have changed the sources.

In earlier Eclipse versions (e.g. Kinetis Design Studio 3.2.0, Eclipse 4.4 Luna), I have used the "always launch the previously launched application" to stick to the last launched application:

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These tips and tricks help me to work faster with less mouse clicks. I hope you find these tips useful.

Happy debugging!

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