Decisions, Decisions… Figuring Out Which JavaOne Sessions to Attend

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Decisions, Decisions… Figuring Out Which JavaOne Sessions to Attend

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Ok, now I really want to go to JavaOne.  I just found Oracle's new Content Catalog, which indexes all of the JavaOne, Oracle Develop, and Open World sessions for you to search - essentially making our acceptance-day list on DZone obsolete (but not in vain!  Thanks so much to those who posted their talks in the comments section of that article!).  Now all I can do is contemplate how I'm going attend each conference that looked really interesting.  Oracle's queue cut me off at 20.

Although there were a few quirks in dealing with the Oracle catalogue, I was able to narrow my search and find some great sessions, and then take a snapshot of my list.  If you take a look below, you'll see the search options that allow you to select the conference, session type, track (Core Java, Java Frontier), and category (Best Practices, Case Study, Tips and Tricks):

Then you get your results.  Purple squares are for JavaOne, red ones are for Open World.  You can click on the four-way arrow icons and drag these sessions into the right hand "My Interests" region.

I was blown away at how many sessions looked very relevant and interesting.  Oracle obviously did a good job at selecting some quality topics.  On my first pass through the JavaOne sessions (didn't even get a chance to look at the BOFs) I had completely filled the "My Interests" queue.

Here are some of the sessions I selected before running out of space:

This preliminary list already has me excited if I am lucky enough to attend JavaOne *fingers crossed*.  Obviously, there's no way I can attend all of these since there are already several head-to-head conflicts.  Unfortunately, only Harry Potter has a solution for this problem.  Which means I, and many others attending JavaOne, have to begin the painful task of narrowing down our list to a more manageable amount.

What sessions are going to fill your queue?  Are there any that you absolutely must see?

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