Declaring managed beans in JSF 2.0

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Declaring managed beans in JSF 2.0

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In the next example we will see how to declare a managed bean in JSF 2.0. There are two ways to configure the managed bean :

1. Declaring a Managed Bean in faces-config.xml descriptor file as below:

    <description>description of the managed bean</description>
    <managed-bean-name>name of the managed bean</managed-bean-name>
    <managed-bean-class>fully qualified class name</managed-bean-class>
    <managed-bean-scope>scope of the bean</managed-bean-scope>
        <property-name>name of the bean property</property-name>
        <value>Default value of the property</value>
2. In JSF 2.0, you can annotated a Java class with @ManagedBean annotation to turn it into a Managed Bean:
public class MyBean ...

In addition, you can customize the bean name, by adding the name clause to the annotation:

public class MyBean ..

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