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Deep Learning on Big Data Platforms

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Deep Learning on Big Data Platforms

Here are my personal recommendations and things that I think you should keep in mind when it comes to Deep Learning on Big Data platforms.

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Read on to learn about Deep Learning on Hadoop Big Data platforms.

Big Data Deep Learning Options

You've got tons of options for Deep Learning. 

  • TensorFlow (C++, Python, Java).

  • TensorFlow on Spark.

  • MXNet.

  • Deep Learning 4 J (Skymind) JVM.

  • PyTorch.

  • H2o Deep Water.

  • Keras on top of TensorFlow and DL4J.

  • Apache Singa.


Here are my personal recommendations and things that I think you should keep in mind.

  • Install CPU version on CPU YARN nodes and install GPU version on GPU YARN nodes.

  • Do training on GPU YARN Nodes where possible.

  • Apply model on all nodes and trigger with Apache NiFi.

  • Remember that what helps Hadoop and Spark will help TensorFlow.

  • More RAM = more and faster cores = more nodes.

  • Today, run either pure TensorFlow with Keras or TensorFlow on Spark. Later in the year, try YARN 3.0 Containerized TensorFlow.

  • Consider Alluxio for in-memory optimization

  • Download model zoos.

  • Evaluate other Deep Learning frameworks like MXNet and PyTorch.


Here are the details of MXNet and GitHub for running on YARN.

  • Cloud-ready product developed by an experienced team (XGBoost)

  • Has AWS, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Baidu, and Intel backing.

  • An Apache project run distributed on YARN, and also runs on Raspberry PI and constrained devices.

  • In my early tests, it was faster than Google's TensorFlow, but not Keras. Additionally, it doesn't have as much documentation, examples, or backing as TensorFlow.

DL4J (Deep Learning 4 J)

  • DL4J is Deep Learning 4 J for production workloads. It is Keras-compatible and has JVM strength.

  • Support from a very knowledgeable team, has professional support, and is a Hortonworks partner.

  • Publishing an awesome book (Deep Learning A Practioner’s Approach).

TensorFlow on Spark and YARN

It has the strength and testing of Yahoo! Engineering on a big platform. They have the tools, engineering, clusters, and experience to get this right. I will be evaluating this soon. For more info, see here and here

TensorFlow on Hadoop

HDFS files can be used as a distributed source for input producers for training, allowing one fast cluster to store these massive datasets and share them amongst your cluster. This requires setting a few environment variables:


See more info here.

TensorFlow Serving on YARN

See more info here

YARN 3 With GPU Support

See more info here.


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