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Deeper Insights Into Image Management Improves Website Performance

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Deeper Insights Into Image Management Improves Website Performance

Cloudinary’s website speed test image analysis tool examines content, format, and size to optimize images for better UX.

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Great talking to Robert Moseley, Senior Solutions Engineer with Cloudinary, about how it has joined forces with WebPagetest to deliver more detailed insights into how images impact a website’s load speed. Sixty-five to 70 percent of web bandwidth is made up of images and video.

Cloudinary provides measurable and actionable information about how to go beyond simple compression to optimize web performance. The Cloudinary Website Speed Test Image Analysis Tool enables WebPagetest users to discover how changes to image size, format selection, quality, and encoding parameters can improve website speed and ultimately result in a better UX for web visitors while reducing bandwidth use. 

Images now make up more than 60 percent of an average webpage’s weight, so effectively managing images is vital to any website’s performance,” said Itai Lahan, CEO and co-founder of Cloudinary. “Website performance analysis tools are popular for gauging the impact of images on websites, but they typically only focus on simple compression tips. Our partnership with WebPagetest enables users to dive deeper into the challenges images present for their sites, and shows them ways to manage images for optimal user experience.”

Cloudinary’s Website Speed Test tool enhances WebPagetest results by examining the content in the images and the formats used, as well as the size. Using its advanced algorithms, Cloudinary shows users how to encode, optimize and resize images, and the impact that will have on page load time. Cloudinary takes into account many factors, including the exact content of an image and the need for responsive design, so images are encoded correctly and look their best regardless of device or viewport and the type of browser on which the page is viewed. 

Website Speed Test tool users then will have the option to leverage Cloudinary’s cloud-based solution to automate image management and optimization across their sites in order to deliver a superior UX.

“If not handled correctly, images can have a serious impact on website performance,” said Patrick Meenan, creator of WebPagetest. “With its proven expertise in image management, Cloudinary is the ideal partner to expand the capabilities of WebPagetest and provide the insights that help our users improve their web development practices.”

In a particular use case shared by Robert, BuzzFeed used to have pages with multiple animated GIFs that were 100MB. Cloudinary standardized the GIFs into the correct format and size and reduced bandwidth 90 percent improving UX while reducing costs.

In addition to optimizing images and video, Cloudinary is providing storage, digital asset management with every version of an image cached at the digital edge so developers are working with one platform, one tool, and one set of APIs.

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