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Dell Pulls Plug on AMD Sales

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Dell Pulls Plug on AMD Sales

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In another setback for the bedeviled AMD, Dell has confirmed widespread reports that it has taken all but one of its consumer-oriented AMD-based PCs down off its web site, restricting their distribution to its newfangled retail channels and phone orders.

It is still offering AMD-based business machines online.

In response to press inquires, Dell has blogged the following carefully crafted statement:

Dell regularly adjusts its product offerings, and how customers can purchase those products. Currently the majority of our Inspiron AMD-based systems are available through our retail partners such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Staples, and through telephone sales. Our AMD-based energy-efficient consumer desktop, the Energy Star 4.0 Inspiron 531 is also still available on Dell.com.

“Dell sells a full range of AMD-powered notebooks, desktops and servers online. Certain product ranges or models may only be available through specific channels such as retail or phone. We are committed to the AMD product lines as a long-term partner to provide the maximum choice for our customers.”

It is important to remember that the bulk of Dell’s sales still come in over the web.

AMD struggled for years to get the Intel-faithful Dell as a customer - a loyality Dell was handsomely rewarded for, by the way - and since landing Dell in 2006 has at times not been able to fill orders.


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