Dell Technology World 2018 Part I — Announcement Summary

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Dell Technology World 2018 Part I — Announcement Summary

Read to hear about the Dell Technology World 2018, to view pictures from the event as well as an announcement summary, and where to learn more.

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This is part one of a five-part series about Dell Technology World 2018 announcement summary. Last week (April 30-May 3), I traveled to Las Vegas Nevada (LAS) to attend Dell Technology World 2018 (e.g., DTW 2018) as a guest of Dell (that is a disclosure btw). There were several announcements along with plenty of other activity from sessions, talk of AI, ML, DL, IoT, VR, analytics, VDI, SDDC, data infrastructure, Gen-Z, composable among other topics. There were also plenty of meetings and hallways and event networking taking place at Dell Technology World DTW 2018.

Major data infrastructure technology announcements include:

  • PowerMax all-flash array (AFA) solid state device (SSD)NVMe storage system
  • PowerEdge four-socket 2U and 4U rack servers
  • XtremIO X2 AFA SSD storage system updates
  • PowerEdge MX preview of future composable servers
  • Desktop and thin client along with other VDI updates
  • Cloud and networking enhancements

Besides the above, additional data infrastructure related announcements were made in association with Dell Technology family members, including VMware along with other partners, as well as customer awards. Other updates and announcements were tied to business updates from Dell Technology, Dell Technical Capital (venture capital), and, Dell Financial Services.

Dell Technology World Buzzword Bingo Lineup

Some of the buzzword bingo terms, topics, acronyms from Dell Technology World 2018 included AFA, AI, Autonomous, Azure, Bare Metal, Big Data, Blockchain, CI, Cloud, Composable, Compression, Containers, Core, Data Analytics, Dedupe, Dell, DFS (Dell Financial Services), DFR (Data Footprint Reduction), Distributed Ledger, DL, Durability, Fabric, FPGA, GDPR, Gen-Z, GPU, HCI, HDD, HPC, Hybrid, IOP, Kubernetes, Latency, MaaS (Metal as a Service), ML, NFV, NSX, NVMe, NVMeoF, PACE (Performance Availability Capacity Economics), PCIe, Pivotal, PMEM, RAID, RPO, RTO, SAS, SATA, SC, SCM, SDDC, SDS, Socket, SSD, Stamp, TBW (Terabytes Written per day), VDI, venture capital, VMware, and VR among others.

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Dell Technology World DTW 2018 Event and Venue

Dell Technology World 2018 was located at the combined Palazzo and Venetian hotels along with adjacent Sands Expo center kicking off Monday, April 30th and wrapping up May 4th.

The theme for Dell Technology World DTW 2018 was to "make it real", which in some ways was interesting, given the focus on virtual, including virtual reality (VR), software-defined data center (SDDC) virtualization, data infrastructure topics, and artificial intelligence (AI).

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Make it real – Venetian Palazzo St. Mark’s Square on the way to Sands Expo Center

There was plenty of AI, VR, SDDC along with other technologies, tools as well as some fun stuff to do including VR games.

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Dell Technology World Drone Flying Area

During a break from some meetings, I used a few minutes to fly a drone using VR, which was interesting. I Have been operating drones (See some videos here) visually without dependence on the first-person view (FPV) or relying on extensive autonomous operations instead flying heads up by hand for several years. Needless to say, the VR was interesting, granted, I encountered a bit of vertigo that I had to get used to.

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More views of the Dell Technology World Village and Commons Area with VR activity

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Dell Technology World Bean Bag Area

Dell Technology World 2018 Announcement Summary

Ok, enough with the AI, ML, DL, VR fun, time to move on to the business and technology topics of Dell Technologies World 2018.

What was announced at Dell Technology World 2018 included, among others:

Subsequent posts in this series take a deeper look at the various announcements as well as what they mean.

Where to Learn More

Learn more about Dell Technology World 2018 and related topics via the following links:

What This All Means

On the surface, it may appear that there was not much announced at Dell Technology World 2018, particularly compared to some of the recent Dell EMC Worlds and EMC Worlds. However, it turns out that there was a lot announced, granted, without some of the entertainment and the circus-like atmosphere of previous events. Continue reading here Part II Dell Technology World 2018 Modern Data Center Announcement Details in this series, along with Part III here, Part IV here (including PowerEdge MX composable infrastructure leveraging Gen-Z) and Part V (servers and converged) here.

Ok, nuff said, for now.

Cheers Gs

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