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Demo: Exploiting a Blind XSS and Second Order SQL Injection [Video]

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Demo: Exploiting a Blind XSS and Second Order SQL Injection [Video]

In this video tutorial, a security expert shows how the black hats out there can exploit these vulnerabilities, so the white hats know how to defend against them.

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Discover how to provide active runtime protection for your web applications from known and unknown vulnerabilities including Remote Code Execution Attacks.

Watch the Tech Segment from Paul’s Security Weekly show #512 for a live demo of how to exploit a Blind Cross-site Scripting (XSS) and a Second Order SQL Injection vulnerability.

The demos were delivered by our CEO Ferruh Mavituna. During the demos, Ferruh also explains all the technical details of how these vulnerabilities work and demonstrates how malicious hackers can exploit them to exfiltrate sensitive data from the vulnerable web application.

Find out how Waratek’s award-winning application security platform can improve the security of your new and legacy applications and platforms with no false positives, code changes or slowing your application.

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