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NetBeans Platform Sessions in Denmark

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Spent two hours this afternoon giving a NetBeans Platform introductory session to a group of students and lecturers at the University of Southern Denmark, which is in Odense, a two hour train ride from Copenhagen.

The group was quite mixed, from the development team behind Javeleon to complete newbies who come from a C background. There were also lecturers in attendance. Here's a snapshot of part of the group:

There's a lot of very interesting work relating to the NetBeans Platform at this university.

Automatic Feature Reloading

I am a big fan of Javeleon, since it speeds up coding a lot. The Javeleon team (Bo, Allan, and Michael) recently had their grovernment grant extended (thanks to a letter of interest received from Oracle, which was needed to get an extension to the grant) for the next 14 months, so a lot of development will be happening around that project. The team is looking for feedback from Javeleon users, so please anyone out there, register the Javeleon update center in a recent 7.0 build:


And then install and start using Javeleon. A testing program will be set up at some point soon, where feedback will be requested, similar to the NetCat program for NetBeans IDE.

Analyze Code Scattering

Another fantastic project at this university is... a modulerization automizer. Or that's my interpretation of it. This plugin for NetBeans IDE will enable you to analyze your code and determine where the classes related to a particular application feature are found. You will then see statistics showing how scattered your features are and, ultimately, there'll be some kind of generator that will let you regroup the classes relating to a feature into related packages. This will be a wonderful enhancement, though not necessarily being the only intended target, for NetBeans Platform developers who, typically, need to reorganize their code prior to beginning to port to the NetBeans Platform. Would be cool if, at some stage, it would be possible to generate complete NetBeans modules at the end of the process where the modulerization analysis takes place.

Upcoming NetBeans Platform Certified Training

The plan is to include both the above projects in the upcoming NetBeans Platform Certified Training that wil be held at the above university from 26 to 28 January, all the details are here. Several other NetBeans Platform projects are being planned as well, such as intellihouse.org, which is already looking very interesting.

The students and lecturers during the sessions today came from various groups at the university, including robotics. Interested to see what kinds of applications will come out of that group. Anyway, clealrly, good times ahead for the NetBeans Platform in Denmark!




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