Deploy Cloudera Enterprise on Azure Virtual Machines

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Deploy Cloudera Enterprise on Azure Virtual Machines

Deployment of Cloudera Enterprise on Azure and running Impala Shell as single node cluster.

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Deployment of Cloudera Enterprise (CDH) 5.4.4 can be implemented directly on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and we can start working on Impala shell & Hue itself.

The hosting process is super easy, you just need to make sure the following prerequisites & troubleshooting steps should be taken care off.

Prerequisites: SELinux should be disabled. Before disabling SELinux you may try sysctl -w vm.swappiness=0.

You have to add the line below in /etc/sysctl.conf to keep your change permanently:

vm.swappiness = 10

  1.  Change the root password
  2. Change the hostname in /etc/hosts file
  3. Add ports 7180, 7182, 9000, 9001 open
  4. Passwordless sudo user authentication
  5. Change the /etc/hosts file , the hostname from hosts IP address by $ifconfig

Issue: Cloudera Manager site is not opening on browser after installation & the following error shows on log. cloudera-scm-server dead but pid file exists

Follow these steps:

# service cloudera-scm-server stop

# service cloudera-scm-server-db stop

# rm /var/run/cloudera-scm-server.pid

# service cloudera-scm-server-db start

# service cloudera-scm-server start

Details about the step by step process of deployment of CDH 5 on MS Azure Virtual Machine(RHEL 6.x) can be viewed on YouTube channel.

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