Design SQL Queries for Cloud and Relational Data Visually With New Skyvia 4.0

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Design SQL Queries for Cloud and Relational Data Visually With New Skyvia 4.0

Skyvia 4.0 is out! Devart's latest release of Skyvia has a bunch of neat new features, like a visual query builder, data visualization and exporting tools, and a query gallery.

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Devart has released the new version of Skyvia, an online service for cloud data integration, backup, and management. The update delivers brand new visual Query Builder for effortless designing SQL queries online, improved data visualization with the capability to view retrieved data as charts, and new Query Gallery feature for storing composed queries.

Devart, a recognized provider of database connectivity solutions and tools for developers, has announced the release of Skyvia 4.0, an online service for cloud data integration, cloud backup, and data management. Skyvia Query represents completely improved and redesigned online SQL editor for cloud and relational data.

«We have done our best to deliver a product for both IT professionals with SQL knowledge and novice users without any programming knowledge. The new visual query builder feature allows users to create even complex queries simply via drag-and-drop and completely without SQL coding. Query results can be easily visualized in the form of charts and used for quickly creating simple reports. Last but not least addition in the new version is Query Gallery for storing created queries in order to reuse them and automate routine SQL tasks» - said Alex Hyrniy, Skyvia Product Manager.

Visual Query Builder

Skyvia 4.0 provides a capability to design SQL queries visually, without typing code, in a new Query Builder tool. It has an intuitive interface and is not SQL-centric. Query Builder can help even an inexperienced user to quickly query data from the cloud and relational sources. If it's necessary, there is an ability to switch from a Query Builder to the generated SQL statement and tweak it in the SQL editor.

Data Visualization and Export

The new version of Skyvia introduces tools that allow visualizing the retrieved data as charts. Users can display your data as different chart types, create charts with several series, and clearly see the true meaning of your data. The returned data can now be effortlessly exported to popular formats such as CSV, PDF, PNG, etc.

Query Gallery

Skyvia 4.0 now allows storing composed SQL queries in the Query Gallery. A created query can be saved to the Query Gallery and then users can quickly load and reuse it whenever necessary.It can really help the user to automate routine data-related tasks. Besides Query Gallery already stores a number of predefined queries for different data sources for the most common use cases.

For more information about redesigned online SQL Editor, enhanced data visualization capabilities, and other improvements in the new version of Skyvia, please visit https://skyvia.com/query/

About Devart

Devart is one of the leading developers of database tools and administration software, ALM solutions, data providers for various database servers, data integration, and backup solutions. The company also implements web Web and mobile development projects.

Learn more about Devart at https://www.devart.com

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