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Designs for an Updated Eclipse Logo

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We are looking at modernizing the Eclipse logo.  I kicked off the process a couple of weeks ago and we received some interesting suggestions.

However, I felt we needed to get more variety and more graphic designers involved, so I started a project on CrowdSpring and offered a $500 bounty.    Good news is now we are getting a lot more designs.

I would like to get feedback and involvement from the Eclipse community.   Unfortunately,  CrowdSpring doesn’t make it easier for comments, so please leave any you have on this Eclipse bug.

February 19 is the deadline for new designs.  After that we will setup a way to select a short list and a final selection.   For those people that like our existing logo, I will be perfectly happy if we stay with the existing logo but I do think we should see if there is something better.   Community feedback now is key.

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