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Desktops are the Future of Mobile Devices (Kind of)

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A new post from I, Cringely called "The Secret of iOS 7" takes an engaging look at Apple's latest release by predicting products that are yet to come. The not-distant-at-all future predicted in the post involves desktop hubs and shell laptops, both simply monitor and keyboard husks waiting for a mobile device to connect with them. Even for the die-hard mouse-and-keyboard believers among us--those unnerved by Apple's transition from desktop company to mobile company, for example--it's an interesting idea.

While it's hard to say what Apple is planning for the coming years and debatable whether the post's predicted future is an improvement, a single, consolidated personal device would be a big innovation for both desktop and mobile computing. There is definitely something appealing to me about the idea of sitting down at my desk, at work or at home, and having my phone effortlessly interface with a monitor and keyboard. Lots of possibilities immediately come to mind, and neither the products nor the technology to bring such a set-up to fruition are far-fetched at all.

Then again, maybe there is something to be said for having a number of discrete devices. Check out the full post and see what you think. Does that future sound good to you?

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