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Detect Application Performance Issues at Code Level With AppDynamics and AlertSite Integration

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Detect Application Performance Issues at Code Level With AppDynamics and AlertSite Integration

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[This article was written by Laura Strassman]

This morning we announced that AlertSite is now integrated with AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform.  Just like the vintage advertising for Reese’s peanut butter cups, AlertSite and AppDynamics are “Two great tastes that taste great together.”

AlertSite is a leading synthetic monitoring platform for monitoring APIs, WebSites ,and Mobile applications.

Collect Data Related to the Code Path of A Transaction

The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform collects data related to the code path of a transaction, from the application server all the way to the back end databases. Together you get an always on solution that detects performance and availability issues, alerts you to them and shows you, at the code level, where the problem is.  This means you can fix performance problems before end users even see them.

Below is a screenshot of response times from the AlertSite UXM interface, followed by a screenshot of the trace into the AppDynamics interface.

The trace is seamless, just click through.



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