Determining license mode in Windows Phone 7 apps

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Determining license mode in Windows Phone 7 apps

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In this post I will show how to separate trial license functionality from full license functionality in Windows Phone 7 applications. Application submitted to a marketplace could be provided with a trial version, so any user can try it before buying.


Adding a marketplace namespace

Next you need to add a marketplace namespace within MainPage.xaml (or any other xaml file).

using Microsoft.Phone.Marketplace;

Determining a type of license

Now you can determine a type of license (application mode) using the following code:

if (new LicenseInformation().IsTrial())
    // trial mode (trial license)
    // full mode


Next I would like to share the property I use in my Windows Phone application to determine if application is in trial mode and to simulate the trial mode for emulator. You can modify the boolean value of _emulatorIsTrial variable to switch emulator between trial and full version.

private const bool _emulatorIsTrial = false;
public bool IsTrialMode
        if (Microsoft.Devices.Environment.DeviceType
               == Microsoft.Devices.DeviceType.Emulator)
            return _emulatorIsTrial;
        return (new LicenseInformation().IsTrial());

Source: http://www.eugenedotnet.com/2010/09/w10-determining-license-mode-in-windows-phone-7-apps/


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