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Dev of the Week: Jurgen Appelo

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Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Jurgen Appelo, developer turned Agile writer and entrepreneur interested in the creative economy and workplace happiness. His most recent DZone posts include:

Thanks for talking to us! What have you been working on lately?

I have been working on Happy Melly. It's a new kind of business that will organize conferences and courses, and publish books and courseware. I prefer to describe it as a cross between a cooperative, a franchise and an incubator. It's a cooperative because we're different organizations working together under one name. We're a franchise because we have brands that can be licensed. And we are an incubator because we invest in experiments. And I'm Happy Melly's Chief Ecosystem Officer. You can see our amazing video here

You write frequently about Agile development -- could you tell us a little bit about your experience with Agile and how it contributes to your success as a developer?

I'm not a developer anymore, I'm a writer now. I write about Agile, management, the creative economy, workplace happiness, and other topics. I learned to be Agile as a writer by having a blog. A blog enables you to figure out what readers really want to read, in short increments. That's typically what we call Agile.

Are there any particular developer tools or resources you couldn't live without?

As I said, I'm not a developer anymore. But I can't live without Trello, RememberTheMilk, Evernote, Twitter, and many others.

Do you have a favorite open source project (or projects) that you've contributed to recently?


Do you follow any blogs or Twitter feeds that you would recommend to developers?

I think everyone should follow Seth Godin's blog.

Did you have a coding first love -- a particular program, gadget, game, or language that set you on the path to life as a developer?

Turbo Pascal was what I used many, many years ago. Now it's mainly Microsoft Word and Excel. ;-)

Anything else you'd like to mention?

Yes, those who are interested in happier work could keep an eye on our Happy Melly blog: http://www.happymelly.com/
Because many people would like to enjoy their jobs more. And we try to help them achieve that!

Thanks, Jurgen!

Check out Jurgen's blog and Twitter

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