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Dev of the Week: Matt Lacey

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Every week, we feature a new developer/blogger from the  DZone community in our newsletter. Starting this month, we're going to check in with our featured devs to find out what they're working on now and what's coming next.

This week we're talking to Matt Lacey, who runs Surrey's DevEvening and the WPUG Windows Phone group in London. Some of Matt's most recent DZone posts include:

Hi Matt! Thanks for talking to us. What have you been working on lately?

Recently I’ve worked on a project for Nokia which involved having 50+ devices all connected and communicating with each other over the local network and via the web. This was part of an initiative to help inspire developers to be more creative and to show how something can be done in different languages. (Versions of the app were written in Silverlight, XNA, JavaScript/HTML5 and C++ to provide a comparison.)

You run DevEvening and WPUG. Could you tell us a little bit about both?

DevEvening is a user group that meets in a pub in Surrey (in the UK). It’s an informal opportunity to meet with other developers and learn about new technologies, platforms, languages and tools. Historically we’ve focused heavily on Microsoft technologies but have started to broaden that scope recently. An evening typically consists of two talks with a break for food in the middle. The fact that we eat together and that it’s in a pub so people can have a drink makes each meeting a very social event.

WPUG is all about Windows Phone and exists to provide an opportunity for those who are interested in creating applications for it to learn from and with each other. I started the group as I wanted to meet other developers who are also creating apps for Windows Phone and share our experiences. We meet monthly in London (UK) and meetings are a combination of more formal presentations and people demonstrating the apps they’ve built and the lessons learnt in the process. We also provide some time to socialize and usually have a sponsor provide some drinks.

Now that 2012 is almost done, what do you think were some of the most exciting developments in the mobile world this year?

It was nice to see WP8 finally released, addressing a lot of the gaps from previous versions.

2012 has mostly been about the growth of tablets. Consumers now have a much wider range of options than just an iPad or cheap Android device. That this is driving more and more people to own and use tablets will hopefully prove exciting as we start to see more apps and

While not exciting, it was interesting to see none of the mobile ecosystems/platforms doing anything unexpected or dramatically different from the others. It provides encouragement that there is still an opportunity for any of the platforms to come forward with something new in the future and shows that the mobile future isn’t completely mapped out yet.

What are you looking forward to in 2013?

I’m hoping we start to see more apps that have greater sophistication, push boundaries and provide extended and connected experiences.  I especially hope that we see more tablet apps that provide unique and appropriate experiences for the hardware they are used on and not just straight ports from other platforms. I’ll also be keeping an eye on the release of BlackBerry 10 as it has an opportunity to cause an upset in almost everyone’s predictions about how the mobile landscape will look in the next few years. A phone from Amazon would also be very exciting.

Thanks, Matt!


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