DevDay 2013: Full-Text Search with Lucene and ElasticSearch

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DevDay 2013: Full-Text Search with Lucene and ElasticSearch

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A few weeks ago, I gave a talk at DevDay 2013 in Krakow, Poland, in what could be described as a totally awesome conference. I wish it lasted more than one day ... way to go Raf, Michael, and team!

My talk was a quick introduction to full-text search with Lucene and ElasticSearch. Other than focusing on technicalities, the talk teaches some basics and then moves on to real-world usages, which I find are quite neat and useful in many scenarios. It ended with a demo of a Wikipedia search app implementing some of those features, which I wasn't able to show in full due to lack of time, but is available from github.

The video of the talk is now live on YouTube:

The "official" talk description:

Apache Lucene is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library. But it can do an awful lot more than just enable searching on documents or DB records.

In this hands-on session we will get to know Lucene and how to use it, and all the great features it provides for applications requiring full-text search capabilities. After understanding how it works under the hood we will learn how to make use of it to do other cool stuff that would amaze our users, get the most out of your applications, and maximize profit.</p>

Delivered by Apache Lucene.NET committer Itamar Syn-Hershko, this talk is aimed at providing you tools for starting to work with Lucene, and also to show you how it can be used to provide better UI and UX and to leverage data in use by your application to provide better experience to the user.


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