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Developer Things Podcast (Episode #4): Prefix

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Developer Things Podcast (Episode #4): Prefix

In this podcast, we find out more about the free Prefix debugging aid tool, how it works, and why so many developers are loving it.

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In this episode of Developer Things, Matt and Jason discuss the free developer tool Prefix. Launched 18 months ago, it has now been downloaded by 20,000 developers in 140 countries. Prefix helps developers find and fix bugs in their code while they are writing it.

Prefix is based on the same technology that Retrace uses to monitor servers in production or QA. It tracks key methods in your code including things like SQL queries, web service calls, exceptions, logging, and calls to many other application dependencies. Prefix and Retrace both provide excellent views for developers to see what their code just did for a specific web request or transaction.

Prefix is designed to run on the developer’s workstation, whereas, Retrace is designed for servers and provides a bunch of analytics and reporting capabilities.

Prefix can help developers find slow SQL queries, anti-patterns like N+1 SQL queries, and much more. It also provides some more advanced features like remote tracing, the ability to profile any method in your code, and much more.

For a full transcript of this podcast, visit here.

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