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Developers: Automate and Apply Intelligence to Thrive

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Developers: Automate and Apply Intelligence to Thrive

Developers have the opportunity to change the world with Artificial Intelligence. Learn how CA's suite of products is helping clients.

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It was great talking with Ayman Sayed, Chief Product Officer at CA Technologies during the Build to Change Summit.

Q: What are the keys to a successful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning strategy?

  • Companies can use AI and ML to help build better products that meet and exceed customer needs. Customer feedback, direct and indirect, can be used for better decision making, augmenting skill sets. It is not enough for experts and engineers to drive business — they are not your customer. Liberate and free skilled workers from repetitive, mind-numbing tasks via augmentation.
  • A brute force approach is no longer viable. There are not enough skilled people. Companies need to automate and apply intelligence to help and guide the decision-making process and deliver outstanding digital experiences (DX), user experiences (UX), and customer experiences (CX).

Q: How is the CA suite of products helping clients?

  • We are integrating analytics across our monitoring and management software with application experience analytics (AXA) for the best app experience. We are also leveraging advanced analytics and insights across our security portfolio, including payment security with the CA Risk Analytics Network. All of the data resides in a common data lake and can be accessed via a search engine. Clients are able to ingest data on their own. We provide an interface for a developer to make it easier to access and use the data.
  • Because we're platform agnostic, we're able to help our clients provide omnichannel experience management, which is critical to CX. We facilitate the change of the current system of records to a new system of CX to ensure a differentiated experience for the individual. We remove the operator from the judgment of data and have them focus on higher level issues.

Q: What are the most common issues you see preventing your clients from benefitting from AI and ML?

  • How do we operate at the scale of a large multinational financial institution, or any other industry? What’s the playbook? It's not just a technical transformation it’s a cultural transformation.

Q: What skills do developers need to work on to excel in this new environment?

  • Developers are making the transition to caring about UX and CX. Automation and intelligence are freeing them to focus on the problems their customers are having, freeing them from the drudgery of everyday tasks.
  • Developers should continue to invest in skill sets to learn new technologies, evolve to Agile, and use DevSecOps to push outside your comfort zone all the better for it. Disrupt or be disrupted to stay relevant.

Q: What haven't I asked you that developers need to know?

  • The breadth of the CA portfolio drives the key tenants of the modern SW factory around Agile, DevOps, and security: build, deploy, and release faster; all things to make developers' lives simpler and easier. If you haven't looked at CA in a while, take a look. Our 40-year-old customers are just learning about our new offerings. We didn't offer half of our portfolio five years ago. We integrated Veracode in 11 days to help make code and applications more secure. You can run our solutions from mainframe to mobile on multiple platforms for flexibility and no one-vendor lock-in. Think of CA as your strategic advantage, not a stack vendor. We don't do infrastructure. The difference between us and point product vendors is that we support your workflow in its entirety and open to the environment you’re running on — any infrastructure and any platform.

Have you received any cultural resistance to focusing on the customer?

  • There is a debate between Development and Ops, but the future of IT is no IT. We must all be focused on driving a great CX and a business outcome. We enable companies to produce a workflow, an outcome, and a great CX. CX is becoming the developer’s responsibility as we evolve to no Ops and, ultimately, no IT. As a former developer, I'm very confident that developers will embrace this new responsibility.
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