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Developers Prefer Britney to Paris

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Developers Prefer Britney to Paris

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So Britney Spears beats Paris Hilton in open source popularity, but neither can compete with Satan! That's the results of the latest trend analysis from code search company, Krugle.  While announcing the list of top Java queries that developers have submitted world wide, the company also listed the number of times celebrity names are included in the lines of open source code tracked by Krugle.

"Code search provides a lot of value to enterprises beyond just finding code you can reuse,” says Mel Badgett, Vice President of Product Marketing. “Although Fortune 500 companies are increasingly using Krugle in new, unexpected ways such as finding bugs in existing code – we thought we’d have some fun and look to see what Java terms are searched for the most and how often open source developers include celebrity names in their code."

The most popular Java trends searched at Krugle are as follow:
1. j2me
2. hadoop
3. swing
4. superwaba
5. dozer
6. spring
7. junit testrunner textui
8. textui tools
9. lucene
10. acegi

Over 37% of the 2.5+ billion lines of public code searchable at www.krugle.org are Java. Java related searches constitute the majority of queries each month, surpassing c++/c queries in second place and significantly outdistancing Fortran and Erlang.

Non-Java searches were lead with Knuth, leading computer scientist and "father of algorithm analysis". Following on his heels were Satan, George Bush and Britney Spears (Paris was at the bottom of the rankings).


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