Developing an API With Golang Using NoSQL and N1QL [Video]

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Developing an API With Golang Using NoSQL and N1QL [Video]

See how you can incorporate NoSQL, Couchbase's N1QL, and Go to make a RESTful API.

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Have you ever wanted to create a RESTful API with Golang, but didn't know where to start?  What do you do about URL routing, data modeling, or even the data layer in general?

In this start to finish video tutorial, you'll see how to create a Golang web application with five RESTful API endpoints that perform CRUD operations against a database.  The database in this scenario is Couchbase, and the operations will use the SQL-like query language, N1QL.

By the end of the video you should feel comfortable developing Golang applications as well as using Couchbase within said applications.  This video was inspired by the Node.js with N1QL video tutorial that I had created previously.

To take your development skills to the next level, head over to the Couchbase developer portal.

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