Devies Awards: 2017 Winners

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Devies Awards: 2017 Winners

The Devies, claimed to be the globally leading DevTech awards, honor the best companies for remarkable innovations in the sector of developer technologies.

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Winners of the 2017 Devies Awards were announced on Monday night in San Francisco. The VIP ceremony took place during the DeveloperWeek Conference and Expo, one of the world's largest events for developers with 8,000 attendees. Among this year's winners are Microsoft, IBM, GitLab, AnyChart, Red Hat, and other already well-regarded and new leading IT market players.

The Devies, claimed to be the globally leading DevTech awards, honor the best companies for the most remarkable innovations in the sector of developer technologies. After careful consideration of several hundred products and solutions, the judges from the DeveloperWeek Advisory Board made their final choice across 13 categories.

Now, let's see what companies succeeded to win the Devies Awards this year. I've put them in alphabetical order and kept the descriptions concise. This should help you avoid spending time reading a lot of everything, but you'll always have an opportunity to follow the links for more information.


Category: JavaScript Technologies.

Product: GraphicsJS.

AnyChart is a leading software developer in the field of interactive data visualization, offering flexible cross-platform JavaScript charting libraries. The year of 2016 looked very fruitful for AnyChart. In particular, the company publicly released and open-sourced GraphicsJS, a free powerful lightweight JavaScript library for drawing and animation with SVG (VML in older browsers). Previously it had only been used exclusively in AnyChart's charting solutions as the graphics rendering engine.

You can learn more about GraphicsJS from its recent introduction on SitePoint.


Category: Secure Dev.

Product: BlueTalon Data-Centric Security.

BlueTalon provides fine-grained data-centric protection across Hadoop, SQL, and Big Data environments, allowing enterprises to keep full control of access to their data.

In 2016, the company made several big breakthroughs related to its core product BlueTalon Data-Centric Security. In particular, the company developed integration with Apache Spark and DataStax Enterprise (Apache Cassandra), expanded integration with Microsoft Azure HDInsight to allow for on-demand onboarding from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and was picked by Dell EMC to provide the Analytic Insights Module with BlueTalon-powered data governance and security.


Category: API Services.

Product: DocuSign eSignature API.

DocuSign offers electronic signature technology and digital transaction management services, aiming to substitute paper-based and significantly facilitate electronic exchanges of any signed documents. The eSignature API makes it easier for developers to produce apps with the corresponding features.

Check out the company's biggest moments from 2016 and the review of the latest version of DocuSign released in December and called "the biggest release yet."


Category: Communication Dev.

Product: FlowRoute.

FlowRoute is the developer of advanced programmatic solutions for communications. This software allows developers to integrate voice (calling) and text-based (messaging) communication capabilities into any SaaS projects, apps and services. 


Category: Cloud and DevOps.

Product: GitLab.

GitLab is the company behind web-based Git repository management solution GitLab, designed to facilitate the workflow for developers. In particular, it includes fine-grained issue tracking, code review, and wiki features.

To learn more, you might like GitLab's 2016 Year in Review article as well as this interesting statement of the company's CEO, explaining the open-core nature of GitLab and comparing it to GitHub.


Category: Coding Environments.

Product: Bot Builder Platform.

Gupshup is the developer of the Gupshup Bot Builder Platform launched just last year. The platform is designed to help developers and non-developers easily handle all bot-related tasks. In particular, it facilitates building, testing, deploying and then managing your chat bots across all major channels for messaging.

To learn more, I'd invite you to read this article about Gupshup on Entrepreneur.com: What Made Gupshup Make the Leap to Chatbots This Year.

Leap Motion

Category: VR/AR Dev.

Product: Orion.

Founded in 2010, Leap Motion is the developer of hardware and software in the field of gesture recognition and virtual reality. In 2016, the company launched Orion, an advanced hand-tracking system specifically for VR, and introduced the Leap Motion Mobile Platform.


Category: Data Dev Tools.

Product: MarkLogic Server.

MarkLogic is the developer of MarkLogic Server, an Enterprise NoSQL database platform for robust integration of data silos. It is one of the leading operational database management systems included in Gartner's Magical Quandrant in this sector.


Category: Platform-as-a-Service.

Product: Azure DocumentDB.

Microsoft is one of the two IT giant corporations in the list of the Devies Award winners. This time it was commended for Azure DocumentDB, a NoSQL JSON database service. The solution received several crucial updates in 2016 that are likely to make the developers' lives much easier.

You can learn more about Azure DocumentDB in its official introduction.


Category: Machine Learning and Data Science.

Product: IBM Watson Data Platform.

IBM is the other prominent IT giant in this list. Last year the company released the IBM Watson Data Platform, a cloud-based platform that enables fast, easy and greatly insightful collaboration between data scientists, business professionals, app developers and data engineers.

Here's an interesting article on Forbes in case you would like to read more: New IBM Watson Data Platform Puts Machine Learning Into The Hands Of Everyone.


Category: App Monetization.

Product: Ogury App Monetization Solution.

Ogury is the developer of a platform that operates data about over 300 million mobile users across the world. The platform allows app developers and publishers to get more insights about their audience and to optimize monetization, while advertisers are provided with a solution that significantly enhances targeting capabilities in mobile advertising.

Red Hat

Category: Mobile Development.

Product: Red Hat Mobile Application Platform.

Red Hat is leading the segment of open-source IT solutions for enterprises. The company's mobile application platform delivers enhanced mobile app development experience by enabling collaboration, back-end integration with cloud technologies, centralized security control, and other meaningful features.


Category: App Analytics and Testing.

Product: SeaLights Continuous Testing Platform.

Sealights is the developer of what they call "the first cloud-based, continuous testing platform." The platform is intended for strengthening and accelerating quality assurance across diverse testing environments, tools, and technologies.

The list of the companies and products that were honored with the Devies Awards looks pretty impressive. Do agree with the DeveloperWeek Advisory Board's selection? Or do you have your candidates that you think should have won an award here for some of these categories? You are welcome to name those in your comments, preferably with proof of their recent great accomplishments and innovation in the field of developer technologies.

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