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DevNexus Conference: Gearing up for DEVolution

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DevNexus Conference: Gearing up for DEVolution

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Some of you are probably already aware of the upcoming DevNexus 2015 conference (March 10-12); heck, plenty of you have probably already have your tickets for it—it usually sells out every year. DevNexus is the conference for professional developers, and this year we've teamed up with them to highlight some of the great stuff they've got coming up. We're all very excited to be working with DevNexus, and I'll definitely be exploring their speakers and sessions in the coming months.

Did I mention there will be numerous DZone MVBs presenting? Well get ready for that! DZone MVBs include some the best speakers and writers in the industry... so it's natural that there would be a whole circus of them at DevNexus. We have an astonishing 16 DZone MVBs and networked experts speaking at the conference, and that doesn't even include some writers that post on blogs run by Spring, Telerik, Mulesoft, Pivotal, and more! Let's run through who's going to be there!

Reza Rahman 

Markus Eisele 

Christian Posta

Florian Motlik  

Max Katz  

Chris Haddad 

Axel Fontaine  

Andrew Fuqua  

Brian Rinaldi  

Andrew Trice  

Yoav Landman  

...and including Refcard author Wesley Hales, and members Jim WeaverPratik PatelMark Miller, and Burk Hufnagel.

It's a lot to take in, isn't it? One of the above mentioned DZone MVBs, and one of the most prolific and vocal developer evangelists out there, Reza Rahman, is hosting one of the six full-day workshops. His workshop, Down and Dirty with Java EE 7, has the following description:

This is a hands-on workshop/extended lab to introduce the Java EE 7 platform.

The main theme of Java EE 7 is boosting productivity and embracing HTML 5. The changes include APIs like JAX-RS 2, JMS 2, Java Batch, Java EE Concurrency, WebSocket, JSON-P and JSF 2.2. The workshop will introduce these changes in a step-by-step fashion using a realistic end-to-end application deployed on GlassFish 4 using NetBeans.

Although the primary focus will be on the new APIs and features, we will take a holistic approach to the workshop and also cover the features introduced in Java EE 5 and Java EE 6 such as the ones in EJB 3, CDI, JPA, Bean Validation and JSF focused on annotations, intelligent defaults, type-safe, powerful, fluent APIs.

At the end of the workshop, you will have a broad introduction to Java EE 7 and will be ready to write your own applications having already written quite a bit of code in the workshop.

We'll be back with more information about DevNexus presentations and speakers as they become available—they're asking more all the time! Until then, get your tickets, and check out their full schedule.

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