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A new issue of Cutter IT's Journal just arrived, and this one's on DevOps… and it's free.  To get "Devops: A Software Revolution in the Making?," you just fill out a simple form with the promo code and you get the PDF from Cutter for no charge.  I'll summarize the articles I read inside:

Patrick Debois, a DZone MVB and the guy who coined the term "DevOps" is the opening author in this journal volume.  He talks about repetition being the key to implementing better processes and he contends that DevOps is not just about the workflow between developer and sysadmin.  It's merely a tag for a movement that encourages all sections of an IT organization to collaborate more effectively.  Here were the other articles:

Why Enterprises Must Adopt Devops to Enable Continuous Delivery

by Jez Humble and Joanne Molesky

This piece focuses on the deployment pipeline and the tools and techniques that one can use to deploy quickly without problems.  Measuring the effect of releases on the stability of your systems is key here.  The article also tells some interesting stories about deployment practices at companies like Amazon, who's been doing DevOps since 2001 - before they had a name for it.

Devops at Advance Internet: How We Got in the Door

by Eric Shamow

This is very much a case study piece for DevOps, giving good examples of the cultural things that need to change and then some of the tooling changes that you can make after the cultural changes.  It gives some excellent tips for standards, scaling the processes, and first steps for someone who is beginning the journey.

The Business Case for Devops: A Five-Year Retrospective

by Lawrence Fitzpatrick and Michael Dillon

The retrospective is very thorough and in a form that non technical folks can probably understand.  It's a lot like a lab report with figures on how much money and time they saved by enacting their new practices.

Next-Generation Process Integration: CMMI and ITIL Do Devops

by Bill Phifer

A nice guide for organizations that use CMMI with ITIL and want to evolve their methodologies into DevOps practices.  It features a useful section on DevOps related questions for developers.

Devops: So You Say You Want a Revolution?

by Dominica DeGrandis

The journal wraps up withan article on the things you will need in order to achieve the benefits of DevOps.  The key is a systems thinking approach that gets various groups working together from the beginning.

Download a copy for yourself from Cutter.

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