The Latest in GitHub, GitLab, and Git

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The Latest in GitHub, GitLab, and Git

Here, you'll find news and opinions on the Microsoft purchase of GitHub, the latest exciting developments at GitLab, and tips and tutorials for Git.

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This is your one-stop shop for GitHub and GitLab news: read developer opinions of the recent GitHub acquisition by Microsoft, new releases from GitLab (hint: a web IDE), and some tips and tricks in Git for good measure. 

The GitHub/Microsoft News

  1. Microsoft and GitHub: A Great Step Forward for DevOps, by Sacha Labourey. Microsoft recently announced their acquisition of GitHub, to mixed reactions. Let's talk about what this really means for developers and companies.

  2. Making GitHub Easier to Use, by Tom Smith. See what makes Waffle.io successful as it enables project management for developers using GitHub.

  3. DevOps and Version Control: Why Microsoft Had to Get GitHub, by Yariv Tabac. It's no secret that large corporations make frequent use of open-source software. Learn why OSS is necessary for DevOps and version control.

  4. Where Developers Stand on Microsoft Acquiring GitHub, by Alex McPeak. Microsoft has bought GitHub — check out this take on the acquisition from the developers at SmartBear.

GitLab Updates

  1. Meet the GitLab Web IDE, by Dimitrie Hoekstra. Learn about GitLab's newly announced Web IDE, its current capabilities, and integration of more advanced features it'll be rolling out in the future.

  2. GitLab: We're Moving From Azure to Google Cloud Platform, by Andrew Newdigate. GitLab has decided to move from Azure to Google Cloud Platform to improve performance and reliability. Read on for the details of the migration.

Git Tips and Tutorials

  1. How (and Why!) to Keep Your Git Commit History Clean, by Kushal Pandya. Learn why commit messages are so important for organizing your Git repo and methods for keeping your logs in order.

  2. Quick Tip: Grep in Git, by Robert Maclean. Learn about two features in Git to simplify searching: git-grep and git-log grep.

  3. Git on the Go With These Mobile Apps for Git (and GitHub), by Jordi Cabot. On the go a lot but still need to keep an eye on your git repositories? Check out these apps for your smartphone.

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Dive Deeper Into DevOps

  1. DZone's Guide to DevOps: Culture and Process: a free ebook download.

  2. Introduction to DevSecOps: Download this free Refcard to discover an approach to IT security based on the principles of DevOps. 

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