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Spotlight on Git: Tips and Tricks

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Spotlight on Git: Tips and Tricks

Learn tips and processes to make your programming life easier in Git, GitHub, and GitLab, plus some free DZone resources.

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Open source vulnerabilities are on the rise. Read here how to tackle them effectively.

Git your head in the game! These tutorials show you how to set up CI/CD, use developer tricks, and more in Git, GitHub, and GitLab. There's something for every kind of enterprise developer or hobbyist, so jump right in!

5 Trending DevOps Articles on DZone

  1. Saving Half-Done Work With Git Stash, by Kristina Pomorisac. Git stash allows you to save work in progress, which is handy for quickly switching contexts, without committing half-done work.

  2. Git Merge vs. Rebase, by Kristina Pomorisac. Git merge and rebase serve the same purpose - they combine multiple branches into one. Which should you use?

  3. Building a Continuous Delivery Pipeline With Git and Jenkins, by Lyndsey Padget. Learn how to use the power and simplicity of Git to build an automated continuous delivery pipeline with Jenkins.

  4. Building and Deploying Docker Containers Using GitLab CI Pipelines, by Kevin Hooke. Learn how to set up a GitLab CI pipeline to automate the building and deployment of Docker containers, saving you time and effort.

  5. Using GitHub as a Maven Repository, by Anupam Gogoi. This isn't the "right" way to do things, but it's fun and educational to learn how you can use GitHub as a Maven repository!

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Dive Deeper Into DevOps

  1. DZone's Guide to DevOps: Culture and Process: a free ebook download.

  2. Introduction to DevOps Analytics: Download this free Refcard to discover the value of using historical data to analyze and estimate the probability of success of a new release.

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