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DevOps Library: Episode 1 - Introduction to Vagrant

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DevOps Library: Episode 1 - Introduction to Vagrant

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Learn more about how CareerBuilder was able to resolve customer issues 5x faster by using Scalyr, the fastest log management tool on the market. 

If you’re on the operations side of the fence, Vagrant gives you a disposable testing environment, making it extremely easy to test new scripts or build a lab. If you’re a developer, Vagrant allows for you to script full environment builds so that others can just run “vagrant up” to have everything they need installed for them.

While most of the people here at DZone are probably more than comfortable using Vagrant, we're hoping our video might be useful to teach other people you work with how to use it.  If you haven't used Vagrant, it's a great introduction to using it for Windows & Linux VMs, as well as hitting Puppet/Chocolatey briefly.

Thank you!

Find out more about how Scalyr built a proprietary database that does not use text indexing for their log management tool.


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