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DevOps Metrics That Actually Mean Something: Listen to Anders Wallgren’s Interview on DZone’s CodeTalk Podcast

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DevOps Metrics That Actually Mean Something: Listen to Anders Wallgren’s Interview on DZone’s CodeTalk Podcast

Electric Cloud CTO Anders Wallgren and John Esposito of DZone’s CodeTalk Podcast discuss how to evaluate DevOps efforts and optimize software delivery pipelines.

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At the Agile2016 conference in Atlanta this past July, Electric Cloud CTO Anders Wallgren had the opportunity to sit down with John Esposito from DZone’s CodeTalk Podcast. Anders discussed the key metrics that matter when evaluating your DevOps efforts and optimizing your software delivery pipeline.

You can’t improve what you can't measure.

But are you measuring the right things? Are you measuring too little (or too late), or are you drowning in disparate data points that make it hard for you to get to the bottom line: where should you be focusing on next as you optimize your process?

Having the right goals, asking the right questions, and learning by doing are paramount to achieving success with DevOps. Having specific milestones and shared KPIs play a critical role in guiding your DevOps adoption and lead to continuous improvement – towards realizing true agility, improved quality, and faster time to market throughout your organization.

How do you measure agility? Reliability? Efficiency? Quality? Culture? Success?!

What are the KPIs you should pay attention to? How to identify the key metrics that matter for the different stakeholders and for the different stages throughout your software delivery pipeline? How do you track your technical progress, as well as gauge your cultural evolution and team dynamics?

Listen to the interview below for some tips on implementing measurement and tracking of your DevOps efforts and software delivery performance that will provide you with data you can act on!

CodeTalk Ep. 5: DevOps Metrics That Actually Mean Something (Anders Wallgren, CTO of Electric Cloud)

(Also — for those of you that are members of the Agile Alliance, you can watch the recording of Anders’ “Measuring DevOps – The Key Metrics That Matter” talk at the Agile 2016 conference.)

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