DevOps on AWS Radio: CI, CD, and DevOps

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DevOps on AWS Radio: CI, CD, and DevOps

The CEO of Stelligent discusses continuous integration and delivery with Paul Julius, a founder of continuous integration.

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In this episode, Paul Duvall and Brian Jakovich cover recent DevOps on AWS news along with a discussion with one of the founding fathers of Continuous Integration, Paul Julius.

Here are the show notes:

DevOps on AWS News

DevOps on AWS News: 

  • mu 1.5.4
    • Support for the new SSM Session Manager
    • Support for SSM Inventory on ECS container instances
    • Support for Aurora Serverless
    • Stack policies to protect RDS and KMS resources
  • AWS Config adds support for CodePipeline
    • With this, you can enforce and react to any change within minutes of a pipeline update and ensure conformity to whatever rules you design: for example, standards for testing and environments, automatically disabling transitions, and checking roles/permissions – to name a few.
  • Introducing AWS CloudFormation Macros
    • You can use Macros to create your own custom transforms. For example, you can create common string functions for templates or define short-hand syntaxes for common CloudFormation resources.
  • AWS Config Announces New Managed Rules
    • 7 new managed config rules. Two examples:
      • Verify that Amazon GuardDuty is enabled or centralized in the AWS account using guardduty-enabled-centralized.
      • Check if Amazon RDS snapshots are public using rds-snapshots-public-prohibited.
  • AWS CodeBuild Adds Ability to Create Build Projects with Multiple Input Sources and Output Artifacts
    • Your projects can now use one or more sources from Amazon S3, AWS CodeCommit, GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, or Bitbucket and can upload multiple sets of artifacts to one or more Amazon S3 buckets. You can also configure your project to have no input source. You can now use the AWS CodePipeline integration with CodeBuild to create a pipeline with multiple input and output artifacts to a CodeBuild project.
  • AWS X-Ray Now Supports Amazon API Gateway and New Sampling Rules API
    • By adding API Gateway support to X-Ray, it is now easier to trace and analyze your request in real time.
    • With Sampling Rules, you can customize the request and trace what you want to record.
  • Hello Retail
    • How Nordstorm uses Serverless to build an application called Hello Retail.
    • Includes a walkthrough on how to build a fully functioning serverless application.

Episode Topics

  1. Your background and interests
  2. Continuous Integration History & CruiseControl (ThoughtWorks) & XP
  4. Current state and future of CI/CD and other similar practices
  5. Executive – Continuous Engagement of team members
  6. Pair Programming
    1. Also Code Reviews, GitFlow, branching. etc.
  7. Sharing – your preferences  
    1. Pomodoro Technique
    2. Pair Programming 
    3. Rubber ducking
    4. Mob Programming 
    5. Branch by Abstraction 
    6. Feature Toggles / Feature Flags
    7. Testing
  8. Consulting
  9. Future of CI/CD

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