DevOps Platform Provides Updates From Code to Production

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DevOps Platform Provides Updates From Code to Production

Achieve life without outages. DZone's Tom Smith talked with Shlomi Ben Haim, founder and CEO of JFrog, about managing binaries in modern cloud-native applications.

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Great speaking with Shlomi Ben Haim, Founder and CEO of JFrog at their swampUP! user conference about Enterprise+, a universal software binary platform that provides continuous updates for virtually any language and destination.

The original goal of JFrog was to enable people to manage binaries as first level citizens rather than just something you dumped somewhere -- a.k.a. "dirty bytes." JFrog takes care of the garbage that accumulates in the DevOps pipeline.

Enterprise+ is optimized to manage the lifecycle of binaries for modern cloud-native applications — including container and serverless — as well as traditional IT applications. It can also be used for mobile development and IoT devices and includes comprehensive analytics and security features.

Enterprise+ accelerates the software release cycle with an end-to-end pipeline for managing and tracing the flow of binary artifacts from code to production deployment. The platform provides a complete solution to cover all the steps to create a secure, trustworthy, and traceable software release in a multi-site development environment.

“Users today have zero tolerance for broken, cumbersome, and slow software updates. We all strive to achieve life without outages,” said Shlomi. “Most of the code in today’s world is already written, thus the real DevOps challenge is to enable a continuous artifacts flow. JFrog is in the business of fast, automated, and secure software releases, our priority is to aid the next generation of DevOps by furthering Continuous Updates. With the new platform, organizations can now get frictionless updates. Users are able to update the right software component, at the right time, from the right source with zero downtime.”

JFrog’s Enterprise+ platform offers organizations the ability to gain full control over the storage, promotion, security, and distribution of their binary release to remote endpoints. A unified dashboard provides visibility and measurable analytics throughout the process, with integrated authentication and authorization management that provides global security across different regions.

The platform release included an intensive BETA program with key customers, such as Citi Bank, Capital One, Fidelity, Ericsson, Apple, Align Software, and others.

“Most large companies have multiple sites and it is critical for those companies to manage authentication and permission efficiently across locations,” said Siva Mandadi, DevOps – Autonomous Driving at Mercedes. “JFrog Enterprise+ will provide us with an ideal setup that will allow us to meet our rigorous requirements from the get-go. Its advanced capabilities, such as Access Federation, will reduce our overhead by keeping  users, permissions, and groups in-sync between sites.”

JFrog Enterprise+ is powered by other JFrog offerings with new elements to complete the pipeline of binaries release flow. The solution works in conjunction with source version control, continuous integration, and deployment tools. The offering includes:

  • JFrog Artifactory Binary Repository Manager: Manages artifacts and their dependencies in a highly-available, scalable repository, acting as a universal DevOps database for types of binaries, Artifactory serves as a Kubernetes Registry for cloud-native applications.

  • JFrog Xray: Increases trust in software releases by continuously scanning binaries, keeping them free of compliance and security vulnerabilities while providing a deep dependency analysis and DevSecOps impact graph.

  • JFrog Distribution: Empowers DevOps to quickly and reliably distribute immutable software releases to remote sites from deployment to production, and to verify the authenticity of a release
  • JFrog Artifactory Edge: Works together with JFrog Distribution to accelerate the distribution of production binaries to remote sites by creating a CDN-like, secure network of edge nodes that can be located in close proximity to runtime consumers of the binaries.
  • JFrog Mission Control: Offers a DevOps dashboard with a bird’s-eye view and configuration capabilities to connect all other JFrog’s products and automate the release flow.
  • JFrog Insight: Exposes metrics and analytics of the software release flow, from the code repository to the deployment and orchestration tool, to improve time-to-market and measurable ROI.
  • JFrog Access Federation: Provides cross-product, global management for users, groups, API tokens, and permissions, with built-in support for multi-site topologies, JFrog Access enhancement with the Federation eases the admin scaling to multisite topology authentications and permissions.
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