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DevOps Self-Assessment Rates the Maturity of Your Initiatives

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DevOps Self-Assessment Rates the Maturity of Your Initiatives

Rank the maturity of your DevOps initiative, processes, and practices with this short self-assessment to ensure that you're reaping the maximum benefits.

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DevOps involves integrating development, testing, deployment and release cycles into a collaborative process. Learn more about the 4 steps to an effective DevSecOps infrastructure.

A DevOps Self-Assessment provides 15 questions about your DevOps processes and practices, and ranks the maturity of your DevOps initiative. It also provides the opportunity to have a frank, technical (not sales) call with a Solution Architect about how to improve the maturity of your DevOps maturity.

Our Director of Operations once said, "DevOps is just teams working together."

Wise words, but DevOps is not the goal. It's just a means to a greater end - namely, better business in the form of faster and better software releases and support.

When we conducted our DevOps maturity survey with Atlassian in spring of 2017, 60% of respondents we included in the report told us they were experiencing the benefits they expected from their DevOps processes. But dig a little deeper, and we excluded half of the total survey respondents because they could not say definitively that their organization even had a DevOps initiative at all. We included 1,054 respondents in the survey, and brushed aside more than 1,000 others.

Just about every enterprise will say that they're doing DevOps or preparing to implement it. But how many are seeing the results they hoped for? According to our survey, 65% of companies are implementing DevOps. Yet Gartner states that 50% of businesses investing in DevOps will not be delivering on expected benefits by 2018, putting them on the path to competitive disadvantage.

60% of companies we included in our survey enjoy the benefits they expected from DevOps, but we excluded half of the total respondents because they did not have a DevOps initiative.

According to Puppet's State of DevOps Survey, top performers have 200 times more frequent deployments, 24 times faster failure recovery, and 3 times lower change failure rates. How do you know if you're delivering on your goal?

Now It's Your Turn

Take a 15-question survey and see how you rank in five important categories that serve as markers of DevOps performance:

  • Design & Architecture
  • Culture & Organization Alignment
  • Test & Verification
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Operations & Support

After taking the DevOps Self-Assessment, you'll receive your ranking in each category:

  • Base (not started)
  • Beginner (working on it)
  • Intermediate (doing work)
  • Advanced (excelling)
  • Expert (nailed it!)

Plus, you'll see what percentage of survey takers also rated the same percentage.

So where's the catch? There is none.

After you get your survey results, you can receive a personalized set of recommendations for how to get to the next level. For instance, if you ranked Intermediate in Continuous Delivery, you'll get a set of recommendations for achieving Advanced.

Next, we'll set you up with a phone call. Ahh, here comes the sales pitch, right? Wrong!

We've been very diligent about ensuring that these are technical calls, not sales calls. You can schedule time with Solution Architects who can have a real discussion about your environment, where you want to improve, and what sorts of changes can help lead to those improvements, without pushing any one product or solution.

According to Puppet's State of DevOps Survey, top performers have 200x more frequent deployments, 24x faster failure recovery, and 3x lower change failure rates.

It's a great way to rate the maturity of your DevOps initiatives and to compare your organizations to others. Don't fall behind in your mission to provide faster, more consistent, and higher quality features and services to your customers.

So try the DevOps Self-Assessment and let us know what you think!

Read the 4-part DevOps testing eBook to learn how to detect problems earlier in your DevOps testing processes.

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