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DevOps Skills in Demand

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Companies may not know exactly what DevOps is yet, but they know they want people with “DevOps” on their resumes. For the last few months, I noted the steady flow of “Wanted: DevOps Engineer” postings floating past on the forums I frequent. While in past presentations I’ve fought the idea that DevOps is a job title, I’m nearly ready to concede defeat.

The trend is definitely towards hiring people for jobs that require DevOps skills or titles. PC World reports on this trend with a look at what’s going on at the popular techie job site Dice. Over 200 listings per day show up with a mention of DevOps. Filling these positions is hard, and those with the skills are getting paid better and better. And while classic Web 2.0 players, and e-commerce players like Amazon and Ebay are present, you see more mainstream companies looking for these skills as well (NPR, Travelers Insurance, etc).

I think that for job seekers, this trend is one to take advantage of. If you were providing build, deployment, or release infrastructure and regularly interfaced with both App-Dev  and operations teams, your resume should say, “Worked on a DevOps team that…”. You should do so because its true. We finally have a term for people who grok both sides of the house. Embrace it and run with it.

For everyone else, I think this is a pretty clear signal. It’s time to embrace your counter-parts on the other side of the wall and start working together more and more. This isn’t a fad. It’s the mindset IT shops are re-organizing themselves around.

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