The Top DevOps Testing Tools of 2019

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The Top DevOps Testing Tools of 2019

Some of these tools may be more familiar than others, but each of these 15 tools could play an important part in your DevOps pipeline.

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A significant parameter of software growth and delivery is the interaction and association that takes place among operation experts and project management professionals.

And this can happen only with the help of DevOps. It is just not a software or tool; it’s an art that you can accept for consistent development. DevOps has the ability to align your operations professionals and developer experts, permitting them to work together in comfort.

Below is a list of top 15 DevOps Testing tools that you can use to assist with your routine schedule. 

White Source Bolt

White Source Bolt is a free open source safety tool regulated by WhiteSource that will fetch and solve open source susceptibilities inside your native Azure DevOps and GitHub atmosphere.


  • Rectify quickly by practicing actionable recommended fixes

  • Assists over 200 package managers and programming languages

  • Acquire real-time alerts on identified open source security susceptibilities


This is a very effective tool for DevOps engineers seeking to sustain a CI/CD pipeline and automate builds. Jenkins embeds with Git source control repositories such as GitHub and permits you simply to automate builds, fetch the code and continuously offer new facilities.


  • It can allocate tasks through various machines thereby enhancing concurrency.

  • Jenkins necessitates little upkeep and has inherent GUI device for stress-free updates.

  • It enhances your infrastructure's level of automation.

  • Jenkins provides 400 plugins to assist developing and analyzing virtually any project.

  • It assists in continuous delivery and integration.

  • It can be easily set up and organized via the web interface.

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Since 2009, Gradle has been around as a substitute to Maven and Apache Ant. Gradle is a building device that permits users to code in Python, Java, and C++ along with other languages.


  • Gradle is estimated to be 100 times faster than Maven in processing. The development in speed is because of Gradle’s daemon and because it has a more advanced cache.

  • Professionals have launched a Kotlin-powered DSL for customers who would rather avoid the learning curve for Groovy.

  • Further, GWorkspace should be familiar to Maven handlers.


Nagios is an open source device. This device is coded in C language. Additionally, it is practiced in application maintenance, server regulation, and network surveillance.


  • While regulating the network, it supervises routers, network connections, switches, and other necessary hardware.

  • It offers two procedures on server monitoring, namely, agentless and agent-powered.

  • Assist in maintaining Linux, Windows, and UNIX along with web applications.


Vagrant permits creating and regulating virtual machines in a single workflow. Vagrant creates a user-friendly workflow and emphasizes automation.


  • It assimilates with current configuration management devices like Puppet, Chef, Chef, Salt, and Ansible.

  • It works flawlessly on Linux, Window OS, and Mac.

  • Develop a single file for projects to explain the sort of software, and machine users want to mount.

  • Vagrant assists DevOps team professionals to have an ideal growth ambiance.


This DevOps tool is a convenient software testing platform for web applications. Selenium offers you with a simple interface for creating automated challenges.


  • Simple-to-create keyword-driven podium for a webdriver

  • Develop robust, browser-associated regression automation challenges and suites

  • Free open-source device

  • Assists various podiums for tests such as Android and IOS


Zephyr is one of the best-selling test management devices, offering end-to-end solutions for Agile enterprises of all sizes. Acquire the visibility, flexibility, and understandings you require to launch advance software quicker.


  • Modified analytics along with DevOps dashboards

  • No annual commitment necessitated

  • Server, cloud, and data center deployment choices

  • Just one click assimilates with Confluence, Jira, Bamboo,  Jenkins, and more


This tool of DevOps helps businesses increase their brand reputation and management. It is an incident management aid to a continuous delivery approach.


  • It provides a real-time user reporting and association system

  • Dependable and rich notifying service

  • Offer real-time

  • Attain visibility into significant applications and systems

  • Event alliance and enhancement


This lightweight software packages an application with all the necessitates and dependencies before shipping the comprehensive container as one unit.


  • Deliver the container wherever you want, be it to the cloud team or QA.

  • Modify with zero downtime.

  • Level up to thousands of nodes.

  • Use Docker containers with any language.


This DevOps tool provides professionals with grid and cluster regulating proficiencies. This software is developed for high-execution computing systems such as grids and clusters.


  • It can monitor clusters up to 2,000 nodes

  • Accomplishes low per-node overheads for great concurrency

  • Open source and free device


Splunk is a software platform which transforms the machine information into precious data.


  • Assistance from Splunk Cloud can be arranged and regulated as a facility.

  • The Splunk Light offers peculiarities for small IT ambiance.

  • Splunk Enterprise will assist you in accumulating, searching and examining responses from your own machine information.


Bamboo is a continuous integration device which also used for DevOps testing.


  • The environment permissions feature permits QA and developers to deploy to their environments

  • You can execute parallel batches challenges

  • Configuring Bamboo is comparatively easy


Consul is extremely adept at configuring and discovering facilities in any infrastructure.


  • Offer assistance for various data centers

  • Consul offers a robust API

  • Make a practice of the hierarchical key or assist the store for extreme configuration

ELK Stack

An ELK Stack is a blend of three effective, open source devices: Logstash, Kibana, and Elasticsearch used  to garner insights from your data or logs.


  • Helpful and active discussion forum

  • Open Source device with various plugins

  • Execute research in near-real time


Chef is an effective configuration management automation device tool through which you can morph infrastructure into an algorithm.


  • Swift, active, and smart developing community assistance

  • Easy to assimilate with other cloud-powered platforms.

  • Another open-source configuration management device

Final Thoughts

While assimilating DevOps early in the software growth, you are streamlining the procedure.

Anyone seeking to build and serve a software program more rapidly and proficiently than the more conventional ways can employ these applications.

Finalize which applications above are very useful for your requirements and start creating more proficiently today!

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