DevOps Weekly Roundup — Ansible vs. Puppet and Dead Code

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DevOps Weekly Roundup — Ansible vs. Puppet and Dead Code

The week's best articles from the DevOps zone, hand-picked by our editors.

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"Jenkins, Docker, and DevOps: The Innovation Catalysts — Part I" — Sacha Labourey and Dan Juengst

Our first article this week is from the executive team at CloudBees, naturally looking at Jenkins and Docker and how they have been disrupting the software industry through DevOps. This is the first part of a series on the subject, and we have the next two parts up on the site now!

"The 13 Things That Make a Good Build System" — Jack Lindamood

Jack is an engineer at SignalFX, and wrote a very detailed post that takes you through a detailed analysis of what their company needed, what tools they ultimately decided on, and how they got up and running with them. Here, Jack decided to go with Circle CI based on how it fit his criteria of 13 things that make up his ideal build system. The whole thing's worth a read to get a step-by-step look at how DevOps tools can be adopted. 

"Puppet or Ansible: How to Choose?" — Alan Hohn

Zone Leader Alan Hohn looks at two of the leading configuration management tools: Puppet and Ansible (now a Red Hat project). Alan focuses less on "which tool is better?" and more on "how do these tools differ from each other?". For those who are starting to dive into this space, it's a very detail-oriented look at these two market leaders. 

"That Code’s Not Dead — It Went To a Farm Upstate and You’re Paying For It" — Erik Dietrich

We've talked a lot about technical debt lately on DZone, and MVB Erik Dietrich has a little more to add, focusing not necessarily on an accumulated, somehow working, mess, but on the issue of dead code, where hidden in that mess you may find a dead rat that shouldn't be there. Rather than being an indecipherable piece of the puzzle, dead code adds nothing and only serves to clog up your application. 

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