DevOps Weekly Roundup: Containers, Distributed Teams, and Executive Opinions

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DevOps Weekly Roundup: Containers, Distributed Teams, and Executive Opinions

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A belated happy Diwali to all who celebrate, and I hope everyone had a great weekend! In case you missed them, here's a curated collection of the best and most informative posts from the DevOps Zone last week. This week: we're looking at how distributed teams work with DevOps, containers in the pipeline, how to think about developing software, and original research into how executives define Continuous Delivery.

Do DevOps and Distributed Teams Mix? – James Betteley

The usefulness of distributed teams is still a hot topic. Should we follow Yahoo's path and recall everyone to a central office, or is it best to let other work from the comfort of their own homes or countries? As with most things related to company culture and DevOps, there's no one answer, but there are many factors to assess to help you come to a decision. James Betteley goes through each of them here. 

Do Containers Become the DevOps Pipeline? – Chris Riley

We know Docker is super important, and that organizations are adopting it regularly, but what implications does it have for the Continuous Delivery Pipeline as a whole? For one, containerization supports and pushes organizations towards microservice models, and the process eventually becomes a game of managing containers. I highly encourage you to read Chris' entire article, as it's a very engaging read. 

Burn Software Factories to the Ground and Let Software Studios Rise – Mirco Hering

Mirco returns with another great article this week. Books like The Phoenix Project equate product development to manufacturing, but this article compiles some great articles that challenge this notion and explains why it's important to take another perspective. It doesn't discount the great points and ideas brought up in books like The Phoenix Project, but it does try to make the business relationship with IT development stronger by defining the differences between IT and manufacturing. 

How Do Executives Define Continuous Delivery – Tom Smith

Our resident market research analyst, Tom Smith, has been posting new articles pretty regularly between all of our zones that document his experiences with executives from across the IT landscape. In this piece, Tom interviewed 24 executives about their perception towards Continuous Delivery, where they're implementing it, and how they define it in context of their organizations. 

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