DevOps Weekly Roundup: Shadow IT, Painless Test Creation, and When Debugging Really Matters

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DevOps Weekly Roundup: Shadow IT, Painless Test Creation, and When Debugging Really Matters

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Shadow IT: Subversive, Disruptive, and Absolutely Necessary — Matthew Casperson

Shadow IT can be a divisive topic. On one hand, it is the definition of messy and unorganized, as systems without official approval are bound to complicate organizational ecosystems without the proper documentation to make sense of it. However, as our Zone Leader Matthew Casperson points out, it is also a signal to everyone when something either does not work, or when a new solution or change is necessary. 

Why Bug Injection Rates Matter — Matthew Heusser

Most of us are familiar with sources of code waste, whether that's dead code that contributes nothing, untidy commenting, technical debt, or unclean code. Here, DZone user Matthew Heusser writes about a newer source: the bug injection rate. The bug injection rate refers to the deadly combination of long release cycles and repeated runs through the find-fix-retest loop, which means each release has more changes before retesting happens, meaning more work needs to be done, which extends pretty much forever. Fortunately, Matthew also provides some insight into how best to avoid these issues.

Debugging Belongs Only in Procedural Code — Yegor Bugayenko

Yegor has a bone to pick with debugging, and argues that if your code needs debugging, your code is designed badly. Rather than look at debugging as the solution, Yegor looks at it as a symptom of unclean code, and that Unit Testing should take the place of what is traditionally thought of as "debugging." Yegor isn't knocking debugging as a practice, but making the point that with clean code, it becomes unnecessary. 

Writing Tests Doesn't Have to Be Extra Work — Erik Dietrich

Most conferences you go to nowadays mention how automated testing is a pillar of DevOps, that you need automated testing for your short release times, and pretty much everyone knows that it's better than not doing it. There are some people like Erik who have internalized TDD and can't stop writing automated tests, and there are also those who want to do it, but may have the temptation to take the easy way out, but that's okay, because getting to the point of internalization takes a while, but at least you're trying!

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