DevOps Weekly Roundup: Post-mortems, Hiring Engineers, and Automation

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DevOps Weekly Roundup: Post-mortems, Hiring Engineers, and Automation

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A "Principled", Blameful Post-Mortem — Joe Wolf

DZone user Joe Wolf is a solutions architect, and walks us through a detailed breakdown of what went wrong with a bug in production. Turns out there was a lot of blame to go around between himself and the developers of the various third-party tools he used, though truthfully, software development can be about how you assemble the lego blocks you're given in addition to how well you create your own blocks.

Top 8 Continuous Integration Tools — Vladimir Pecanac

There are a lot, and I mean a lot of tools for Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Configuration Management, SCM, etc., all for making DevOps adoption and execution easier. In this post, you can just focus on the benefits of some of the various CI tools, though of course you'll have to try them all yourself to find out which one best fits your needs.

When Is the Right Time to Hire a Devops Engineer? — Yaniv Yehuda

MVB Yaniv Yehuda takes a look at an interesting Forbes article that walks through a company's DevOps pains as they tried to develop a hotel operations platform. At the root of the issues they ran into is a somewhat common one: DevOps is not "bought into" completely at all levels of the organization, and they needed someone completely devoted rather than trying to force current employees into a box they weren't yet comfortable with.

What Are Your Automated Tests Really Worth? — John Ferguson Smart, Andy Palmer, and Antony Marcano

Automated testing is still a hot topic due to a number of factors including fear from manual testers and fear of the investment from the business perspective. But they do have value, and increase in value the longer a project sticks around. This article does a great job of both exploring the benefits and drawbacks of automated testing, and how SOLID principles can lead to the success of automated testing efforts. 

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