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DevOps Zone: Best of the Week (May 3-10)

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DevOps Zone: Best of the Week (May 3-10)

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In case you missed them, here's a curated collection of the best and most informative posts from this week's edition of The DevOps Zone, as chosen by the curator of the DevOps Zone. This week: Getting rid of anonymous classes, things that makes Ops cry and what Devs can do to help them, 3 ways to know if you need a "dinovator", the importance of penetration testing, and gamifying TDD.

1. Getting Rid Of Anonymous Classes

I really enjoy writing and reading lambda expressions – they’re succinct, expressive and fashionable (come on, like that doesn’t matter a little!). Compare that to anonymous classes which are neither of those things. Which is why I like to get rid of them!

2. 8 Things IT Ops Hates--And What Devs Can Do to Help [Part 2]

This is part 2 of a 2-part series on the things that make your IT ops team members cry into their pillows at night—and how we can all help relieve their pain.

3. 3 Ways to Know if You Need a Dinovator

A dinovator is a person that accepts that they work for or are at risk of becoming an IT dinosaur but don’t accept this reality. A dinovator will look for unproven, non-standard, and often risky technology solutions to apply to the current business challenges and will via prototypes demonstrate to others that there is a better future.

4. What is Penetration Testing and Why You Need to Do It

Security testing has become a critical aspect of the quality assurance process. Given the number of malicious actors lurking in cyberspace with an eye on exploiting software vulnerabilities, QA teams must be proactive about identifying and addressing such weak points.

5. TDD Gamification - Turning Test Driven Development into a Game

This article talks mostly about how TDD has many elements of good gaming inherent in it.


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