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DevOps.com Interview with @DEVOPS_BORAT

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DevOps.com Interview with @DEVOPS_BORAT

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@DEVOPS_BORAT has exploded onto the DevOps scene as of late, via Twitter. He won Best Cloud Philospher and Best Cloud Tweet at Cloudy Awards 2011. DevOps.com is pleased to share with you this interview from DevOps.com:

@mattokeefe: Congrats on winning multiple Cloudies! Were you able to attend the award ceremony?

@DEVOPS_BORAT: In Kazakhstan we have old saying “If you can lean, you can clean”. Is why I not attend conference but prefer deploy infrastructure on all possible cloud provider.

@mattokeefe: Totally understandable. So where do you work and what is your role?

@DEVOPS_BORAT: I work in small startup in Almaty Kazakhstan. Is part of many startup launch by incubator company with name which is translate as Bird. In Kazakh language is spinoff know as Dropping, so our startup is Bird Dropping #53 finance by venture oil capitalist. We are specialize in social networking in the cloud with emphasis on Human To Android relationship.

In day to day job I have title of Senior Manager of Operation. I manage of myself and of Azamat who has title of Junior Manager of Operation and he only manage himself. We are sufficient manpower for deal with all devops issue in the cloud because we have everything automated. Also we use NoSQL which make it very easy scale, I can not able say at infinite but for practical purpose is infinite.

 Did you start your career in development or operations? When did you first hear about DevOps?

 Word devops is start with dev then ops. I start career in development of C++ (as small detail, in Kazakh language is pronounce ++C which is more correct). I am happen of agree with Joel Overflow that programmer need learn C/C++ first so they understand pointer. If you not experience null pointer segfault is like you not experience sexytime!

I hear of DevOps in past 2 or 3 years, is coincide with downfall of Agile and rise of cloud and also of Twitter. First reason DevOps was create is because is easier type #devops than #developer #sysadmin but correct name is in actual OpsDev.

For practice DevOps I recommend first follow cloud expert and devops expert on Twitter. Next step is automate bulls shit out of everything.

 I know what you mean about null pointer segfaults. I’ve seen Java log files full of NullPointerExceptions. When I showed the developers, they said “Oh, those are harmless. You can ignore them.” But they never went away, and I worried that Ops wouldn’t detect a real problem later. Is this something that DevOps can fix?

In startup if we hear such comment from developer we immediately put them on pager for 1 month. Next time is 2 month and so on. Problem can not be able fix by DevOps. Only way to fix is not use Java in first place. All DevOps rock star are use Scala or Clojure.

 Wow, you really are hardcore. So tell me, what DevOps tools do you use, and what do you find missing? Are you following the devops-toolchain project?

 Between my personally and Azamat we are try very hard for use all available DevOps tool. Nothing is perfect though so we end up roll our own tool. We tentative call tool Swiss Army Electric Saw, is good for monitor, alert, visual metric, queue, deploy, continuous integration and continuous delivery. Tool is base on node.js so it eliminate disk I/O. We also try hard eliminate network traffic by only allow 56k bandwidth for legacy customer.

I read page of devops-toolchain, I can not able comprehend with limited English. Is philosophic dissertation yes? Is very good if somebody is able get PhD out of it.

 You guys are very ambitious with tooling. It sounds like you could use more help. If you could hire just one more person for your team, would you choose a developer interested in learning Operations, or an Ops guy looking to learn how to code?

@DEVOPS_BORAT: We are always search for mythical centaur creature 1/2 dev and 1/2 ops. We have business idea of launch RoR Web site for dating of dev and ops. We are hope for ROI in approximate 20 year.

@mattokeefe: Awesome. Are you looking for investors? The DevOps market seems to be heating up, despite Damon Edwards talking about  shark jumping and Some Forrester Guy asking for  NoOps. What do you think of these remarks?

 We have lot of interest from oil and natural gas baron in Russia. Not need VC dollar from U S and A. As matter of fact region of Almaty Kazakhstan is know as Silicon Camel Hump of Central Asia.

I read blog post of Forrester guy. Content is Noop. In my opinion DevOps is just sign of what is for come. Is going be follow by DevQaOps, then DevUxQaOps, DevUxQaSecOps and in final is pinnacle of Internet Jedi Samurai Jason Calacanis.

@mattokeefe: Well I am blown away by the wisdom that you have imparted so far! I can’t wait to share this with our readers, so I will publish part one of this interview ASAP. Let’s see what sort of questions our readers raise in the comments section, yes? Then I hope that we can have a follow up interview.
Now, just to wrap up part one, how do you celebrate successful DevOps achievements… erm… “happy sexytime” in your country? Do you enjoy pizza and beer, or some other custom?

In startup we have quiet celebration usual. Is involve 2-3 keg of vodka. Is loud first 30 minute then very quiet. Azamat is last to stand. In past our ancestor use of shoot ibex after celebration. In startup we continue tradition by terminate random node in cloud after party, is same thrill of feeling.

@mattokeefe: Oh no, WordPress is down! I hope they didn’t sustain collateral damage from your Chaos Monkey!

“We’re experiencing some problems on WordPress.com and we are in read-only mode at the moment. We’re working hard on restoring full service as soon as possible, but you won’t be able to create or make changes to your site currently.”
Thanks for the interview!

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