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“Automated Testing: The Glue That Holds DevOps Together” to learn about the key role automated testing plays in a DevOps workflow, brought to you in partnership with Sauce Labs.

Abstract John Clapham and Paul Swartout: The presentation will give an insight into how the whole of Nokia Entertainment has embraced DevOps:

The Journey: Start-up mentality to Corporate and back again

A short history on how Nokia Entertainment came to be and the shift we have made from start-up to Corporate to best of both.

Elephant hunting: Realizing there is a problem to solve

We’ll give some insight into what Nokia Entertainment did to recognize the issues and how we are overcoming them

devopsdays goteborg 2011 - John Clapham and Paul Swartout , Dev+Ops+Org - How we are including (almost) everyone from devopsdays on Vimeo.

Integration: Why Dev+Ops+Tools may not be enough

As a business grows, DevOps and effective tooling can only take it so far. We recognized we needed to go further

Collaboration: Building a trust relationship with those outside of the traditional DevOps group

Effective adoption of DevOps is bigger than developers and operations. We’ll provide some examples on how we used collaboration to become effective

Culture: Changing the default pattern to allow DevOps to thrive

We’ll provide some background on how we gained wide spread acceptance for DevOps

The future: It’s a long and winding road with growing pains - but it’s worth it!

We still have a way to go, and we’ll talk about the challenges, but we’re seeing huge benefits and are determined to forge ahead.

Learn about the importance of automated testing as part of a healthy DevOps practice, brought to you in partnership with Sauce Labs.


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