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Devoxx UK - New Java Developers conference in London, UK

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Devoxx UK - New Java Developers conference in London, UK

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Devoxx UK 2013 is off with a hiss and a roar! Don't forget to organise the two days off on the 26th and 27th of March to join the London Java Community and the merry Knights of Devoxx UK at the Business Design Center in London, UK.

Some details! We'll be bringing in some of the finest speakers, running 8 tracks with plenty of unique and custting edge content for you to enjoy. Oh, did we mention Nao Robot demos or Raspberry Pi hands on labs with Java 8 - led by the guy who is the Java ambassador who roams around the world hacking Java on his motorbike?

Registrations are Open!

As we've always said, this conference is by developers for developers and so we're pleased to announce a developer friendly price for the two days of: £350 + VAT

Yep, that's right, two days of the world-class Devoxx experience for only £350!!

Register today to make sure you get in to see all of the wonderful speakers and content on offer!

Even More Awesome Speakers!

In newsletter one we highlighted some of the industry's luminaries that were coming to present at Devoxx UK. The good news is that we now have even more!

  1. Ben Evans (jClarity) - LJC leader and JCP Executive Committee member
  2. Charles Oliver Nutter (Red Hat) - Inventor of JRuby
  3. Gemma Silvers (Playfish) - Makes games for millions of users and an Enterprise CMS guru
  4. James Ward (Typesafe) - Expert on modern JVM languages and cloud deployment
  5. Kirk Pepperdine - Performance Tuning guru

See the full list of confirmed speakers for the initial list of who you can't miss out on seeing.

The Tracks

You may have been wondering what juicy topics we're covering at Devoxx UK, well here's a list of the tracks that we're running.

  1. Java SE - For you core Java fans --> concurrency, JVM, performance tuning
  2. Java EE - For the enterprise folks --> Java EE 7, WebSockets, JSON, Spring
  3. Languages on the JVM - Polyglot Programming --> Groovy, Scala, Clojure and many more!
  4. Mobile - Making sense of 1000's of devices --> Android, Java ME and iOS..
  5. Architecture, Cloud and Security - 2013, year of JVM in the cloud --> Identity, Scaling, PAAS/SAAS/IAAS
  6. Web and Big Data - Connecting to the world today --> HTML5, JS, NOSQL, Data Grids and the like
  7. Methodology - How to do better than your PHB --> Beyond Agile.....
  8. The Future - Gaze into the crystal ball --> Robots, Embedded Devices, Space travel, Terminators?!

As you can see there's a whole world out there that Java and the JVM connects with - so come along, be inspired and find out where the latest trends technology and software development are taking you next...

Content - A Sneak Preview

Many of you want to know "What am I going to see, do I get to code?". Devoxx UK will consist of presentations, Birds of a Feather sessions (BOFs), Lightning talks (aka Quckies) and of course some Hands on Labs (HOLs). Here's a sneak preview of what's already coming:

  1. Hands on Lab - OpenJDK Hacking, hack on Java itself!
  2. Presentation - Modern Cryptography
  3. Hands on Lab - Hacking Raspberry Pi with Java 8 and JavaFX
  4. Presentation(s) - Java 8 and Lambdas / Functional Programming in Java 8 / Java 8 Collections
  5. Quickie - JVM Languages WAT!
  6. Presentation - 7 Deadly Sins...
  7. Presentation - How we process more than Twitter's peak traffic - daily

The programme committee is hard at work firming up the schedule - we'll start posting the schedule soon!

Call For Papers (CFP) Closing Soon!

So you might be thinking to yourself "I've got some awesome content to offer, where do I sign up?", well the CFP is only open for a few more weeks...

CFP closes January 31, 2013

Please note, we've been inundated with a large number of high quality talks so get yours in immediately to be counted in the mix!


All of this of course would not be possible without our sponsors. These companies are the ones who understand developers, share our passion in creating cool software and support our community in many ways, including of course Devoxx UK!  


Oracle - The stewards of Java!


SpringSource - Stalwarts of the Java ecosystem - helping you build awesome apps!


ZeroTurnaround, App Dynamics and Vaadin - As well as cool products, these awesome companies know how to throw an awesome party!

For our full list of initial sponsors see our partners page. If you'd like to be a sponsor please don't hesitate to contact us.


The Steering Committee - Devoxx UK 2013

Stephan, Dan, Ben, James and Martijn

So why not join us?

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