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DEX 4.0

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We have published the last version of DEX 4.0 as an evaluation version to download. In addition to what version 3.0 offered, DEX 4.0 now achieves even better performance results for very large volumes of data

If you are interested in more details about this performance results do not forget to visit the latest two benchmarks we have published in Sparsity Technologies blog and on  DZone.

DEX 4.0 features

In addition to the features available at DEX 3.0, v 4.0 adds:

  • Achieve even better performance results for very large volumes of data: up to 5 billions of objects.
  • Variety of licenses depending on the size of the database. Licenses up to 1 million objects, up to 100 million objects, up to 1 billion, or more than 1 billion. Contact us and we will see which one will suits you better.
  • Database configuration is made by default there's no need to manually configure any parameter. System manages memory configuration as a function of the workload.
  • Cross-platform compatibility. Moving your database from one platform to another is just as easy as copying a file. Compatibility with platforms with the same endianness even between 32 and 64 bit platforms.
  • Statistical analysis of information from attributes. Up to 11 statistics available for attributes: check how many attributes have the same value or other typical statistical information such as mean, variance, median....
  • Check the complete list of DEX 4.0 features here: http://sparsity-technologies.com/dex_releases.php


Download DEX 4.0 here: http://sparsity-technologies.com/dex_downloads.php

Hope you enjoy the new version and do not forget to report us back with your impressions.



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